Cain Auction Group serves the interests of buyers and sellers. The financial and personal interests of both are protected, allowing for goods to be sold at fair prices, in a reasonable amount of time. Buying and selling through Cain Auction Group reduces negotiation time and allows buyers and sellers to walk away feeling satisfied with their part in the real estate process. Cain specializes in onsite auctions featuring:

  • Antiques & Collectibles
  • Land and farm equipment
  • Real estate
  • Charitable auctions

Cain also provides services for contract auctioneering. Auctions are hosted on-site, as well as online.

Whether auctioning an estate, a lakefront property, a luxury home, a collection of antiques or a farm, Cain Auction Group produces results that satisfy its clients. Cain understands that clients want to sell their property and goods in a timely manner. Therefore, it targets a qualified group of buyers in advance of each sale, establishing a competitive bidding environment on the date of the auction. Cain’s assertive approach engages qualified buyers, ensuring that a seller’s items are sold at fair market value.

Whether working with an individual, corporation, farm, charitable agency or financial institution, Cain Auction Group is there to produce high quality results.

Owner Jerry Cain is a licensed member of the Kentucky Auctioneers Association. He is also a licensed realtor. For more information, email Jerry or call him at 270.559.9513 for more information.



What better way to raise money for your favorite charity than hosting a live auction at your next charitable event? Cain Auction Group loves helping the community and would love to emcee your next charitable live auction. Contact Jerry Cain to schedule.


The world of real estate has changed over the last 20 years and with it the traditional idea of an auction has also evolved. That’s why in addition to onsite auctions, Cain Auction Group also hosts online auctions for their clients. It’s a convenient way to buy and sell products. Contact Jerry Cain for more information on scheduling an online auction for your antiques, collectibles, equipment and other items.